Epcot – Main Entrance – Area Music (2021 – Present)

New in the jukebox today is the brand new Epcot entrance area music. This track debuted yesterday in the park. As I enter the parks I pay attention to the area music and I noticed yesterday morning when attending opening day of the Flower & Garden Festival that the entrance music was different. I approached a Disney Guest Relations Cast Member and asked if this loop is new. She smiled and said, “Yes. Today actually; along with the flags!”

She informed me that they are testing this music to see if it aligns with the new nighttime lights they have around the entrance to the park. So, this loop may change.

The songs in this loop can be found on Spotify, but it’s nice to have them all in one track. Below is the order of songs as they appear. Which section is your favorite?

0:00​ Beyond the Horizon – Two Steps from Hell
1:19​ The Magic Kingdom – Thomas Newman
2:20​ Rise of the Champions – Terry Devine King
5:28​ Journey To Mars – Andrew Cooksley
7:40​ Nebulae – Terry Devine King
10:37​ A Different Set of Rules – Steven Price
11:56​ Beauty Within – Mark Petrie
14:11​ The Numbers Build – Steven Price
19:07​ Crossing Continents – Terry Devine-King
21:33​ Transform – Mark Petrie
23:45​ Finding Your Way – Clinton Rusich
25:56​ An Ingenious Technique – Steven Price
28:24​ Reach the Sky – Mark Petrie
31:14​ The Ocean Returns the Favour – Steven Price
33:21​ Nero (Archangel) – Two Steps from Hell
36:25​ The Seasonal Seas – Steven Price
37:06​ Mayflies – Steven Price
39:49​ Eternal Beauty – Mark Petrie
42:20​ She’s a Superhero – Two Steps from Hell
43:38​ A Greater Resilience – Steven Price
47:26​ The Game is Afoot – Brian Tyler
48:33​ The Oceans Belong to Us All – Steven Price
54:43​ Echo Fires Up Another – Steven Price

As I was leaving Epcot I noticed the 2006 loop still plays at the bag check and ticket booths so it’s nice to still hear that.

Epcot - Main Entrance - Area Music (2021 - Present)
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  1. :up: :up: Love Epcot! :epcot:

  2. LOVE!

  3. Thank you so much Steve!

  4. That was quick! Already adding to my favorites. Thank you!

  5. Thank you Steve! :up:

  6. Surprised at how quick this got added! But I guess that happens when it’s already been made and ready for compilation LOL

  7. Thank goodness the 2006 loop is still playing, but the area music sounds strange. I’m also glad the Epcot logo flags were up on the flag poles. :uoe: :wol: :horizons: :wom: :imagination: :land: :ls: :se: :comm:

  8. thanks so much ! :clap:

  9. I heard a snippet of this on Twitter yesterday, I’ve already played the 20-second clip 999 times. I’m so happy to get to hear the whole thing!! Thank you! :note: :epcot: :clap:

  10. :up: Thank you Steve!

  11. I was wondering, why didn’t they put the anthem for Pinar Toprak that was suppose to be in the lineup? :angry:

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