Two New MagicBands Appear at WDW

Does anyone else feel like every time they open up a Disney blog, there’s news about a new MagicBand being released? Today I learned about not one, but two BRAND NEW MagicBands! And they are both sooo cute!

The first MagicBand is part of the brand new “Imagination Pink,” line. While the rest of the merchandise in the line hasn’t been released yet, you can now find this hot pink MagicBand at Big Top Souvenirs in Magic Kingdom.  It retails for $14.99, like the rest of the premium solid-colored MagicBands.

Animal Kingdom also has a new Pocahontas MagicBand. It features Pocahontas smiling, while leaves blow around her. On the other side are her two companions, Meeko and Flit. I actually really love this band because I think the color scheme is gorgeous! The base is a nice cream color, and the rest is all jewel tones, which makes for a very eye-catching MagicBand. As of now, you can find it at Dino Institute in Disney’s Animal Kingdom for $24.99.

Now maybe this is just wishful thinking, but maybe once Disney replenishes its stock of the $10 upgrade-able MagicBands, these two new ones will be a part of it? Both Imagination Pink and the Pocahontas bands are open-edition, so I don’t think it’s too crazy to expect them to be included! Anyway, what are your thoughts? Will you be buying either of these MagicBands? Do you think Disney will add them to their upgrade-able line-up? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. The choices are overwhelming me :surprised: and I think offering the upgrade and promptly “selling out” is a cruel tease :angry:

  2. $25 Magicband = :dole: :dole: :dole: :dole: :dole:
    I think we all know the better choice

  3. I’ll keep the free ones…thank you!

  4. I am TOTALLY BUYING the POCA Magic Band!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :heart: :poca:

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