New Holiday Wishables Collection

Did you know today is #WishablesWednesday? If you love celebrating the Holidays at Disney Parks, then you’ll love the newest Disney Parks Wishables collection.

Holiday Wishables
Credit: Disney Parks

The Gingerbread Man, Santa Mickey, Snowman and Reindeer come in the blind bags so that it’s a surprise every time you open one up. The Toy Soldier comes as the open edition option so you can grab that one easily.

Add these cute collectibles to your inventory today! You can check out some of the other cheerful products here.



  1. Wishables collection seems cool. On the other hand, we went to WDW once for Christmas and it was a NIGHTMARE of overcrowding and crushing our holiday spirit.

  2. Ok so I don’t collect these but THESE are cute! :santamickey:

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