Opening Today! Regal Eagle Smokehouse at Epcot

Sink your teeth into mouthwatering barbecue at this new eatery in the American Adventure pavilion.

Regal Eagle Smokehouse

“Salute to All Cook-Offs but Mostly Barbecue.” :sam:

Step inside a smokehouse celebrating the regions of American backyard barbecue and craft beers. Join in for a delicious meal as Disney’s pit master uses techniques from classic barbecue regions to smoke their selections over oak wood.

There are 4 delicious house-recipe sauces! Which one will be your favorite?

  • Spicy Mop Sauce – inspired by Texas-style “mop”
  • Sweet BBQ Sauce – inspired by classic dry rub seasonings
  • Vinegar-based Sauce – inspired by North Carolina’s tradition of vinegar and pepper
  • Tangy Mustard Sauce – often referred to as “Carolina Gold”

You can check out the full menu here.


  1. It’s about time! :surprised: :turkey:

  2. Yum!! This has the potential to be so good! Let us know what you think. :)

  3. FINALLY!!!! Can’t wait to try it!!!!!!

  4. unfortunately BBQ and i have a not so great “relationship”…but i will totally go in and enjoy the atmosphere and get a side or treat!

  5. At last it’s opened, it was suppose to open on Presidents Day. BBQ is calling my name.

  6. Woohoo! We’ve been waiting for this!!! Going to have try on this next trip!!! I can smell it from here!

  7. My mouth is watering just reading descriptions!!

  8. And they have a vegan option! I’m in love! :heart:

  9. I accidentally read that as Regal Beagle.

    I thought “Wait… the “Three’s Company” bar?!”

    Don’t tell me I’m alone in thinking this.

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